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Would you like to have your photo Restored or Colorized?

Fill in your details to the left or contact me directly at: sannadullaway @ gmail dot com. I'd be happy to answer ANY questions that you might have! 

If you are sending me a photo straight away, include details about eye, hair and clothing colours that you might possibly know (or find out!) — some hues look the same in black and white.

For estimation most private commissions that I do take on average 1-2 hours to complete and thus $72—$144. If you have more than three photos that you wish to be restored or colorized the total price will be lower.

Each photo is unique in quality & details and I will have to see your photo(s) so I can properly give you a quote on ETA and total price.

Tip: Scan in your photo with at least 600 DPI for best result. The higher number the better. 

If you don't know how to do this, ask a friend for help or your local photo store to scan it in for you and attach the photo file in an email to me. You can use Google Drive or Mediafire to upload big photo files.